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from the earth, for the self

Klei is a natural and cruelty-free self-care line, focused on providing exceptional product with minimal waste. By creating products without the use of water, less resources are wasted, and shelf-life is extended.

Klei is committed to sustainable and cruelty-free practices. All packaging is created with environmental impact taken into account, and Klei products are only tested on the founder’s friends and family, never animals.

I'm Valerie Smith

I started Klei to expand my passion for making DIY skincare + body products, a passion that began when I was little and would enjoy making masks, balms, and other treatments from ingredients found in my family's kitchen. I'd often try to convince others of the nourishing qualities that could be found through natural ingredients, and developed a middle-school reputation as the girl who would suggest olive oil or avocado as a solution for any beauty woes. The fun of DIY is the foundation of Klei - you can mix and adjust Klei masks and scrubs according to your skin's needs. I hope you have as much fun using Klei products as I did crafting them!


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