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From the Earth, for the Self

Klei is a line of sustainably-crafted self-care items. All units are produced in our Gowanus, Brooklyn studio by our founder, Valerie. We value creating products that are nourishing for the skin, and for the Earth, too. We are committed to delivering effective self-care solutions featuring biodegradable ingredients and eco-friendly product packaging.

We believe that taking care of the self should never be at the expense of others

For this reason, we are 100%:

🐰 Cruelty-Free

💧 Water-Free

🌿 Natural

♻️ Recyclable

💛 Charitable

Giving back to the city that we call home

10% to Brooklyn Nonprofits

10% of all Klei profits are donated to the following Brooklyn-based foundations and nonprofits:

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Brooklyn Community Services

Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association 

Made in Brooklyn since 2017

The catalyst for Brooklyn-based Klei’s inception began when founder, Valerie Smith, was working in the fashion industry and became overwhelmed with the amount of waste. This frustration, combined with her long-standing love for crafting natural products for her loved ones, ultimately led to the development of the earth-friendly, efficacious self-care line, Klei.